Family / Teacher Communication


Family / Teacher communication is essential in meeting the needs of your child. The following types of communication will assure we are working together:


  • Educore daily parent communication tool, is a technology-based communication tool. All teachers will record the age-appropriate daily routines (toileting, diaper, eating, napping) and activities of your child. This will ensure a smooth transition between school and home.
  • Weekly classroom newsletters will be published, with up to date Nursery Topics.
  • Parent/Teacher conferences will occur twice a year, this time will be set aside for you to review the progress and development of your child with the classroom teacher.
  • Open door policy: we are always open to information you may have in regards to your child’s experiences at PPN. We request that if you would like to meet with your child’s teacher, you set up a time, outside of the teacher’s teaching time. This will ensure the teacher will be able to give you their full attention. Teachers will always make time and are committed to working together with you. The onsite management as well as the Director of Early Years. are also here to support you with any Nursery Topics in regards to your child that you would like to discuss.