Positive Guidance


Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between high quality early learning and children’s positive long-term outcomes in life. High quality pre-schools lead to a wide range of benefits including enhanced and improved school readiness, increased educational attainment, healthier life styles, and more successful careers. Being fully research based, the curriculum at PPN will prepare the children for future success.

PPN consistently emphasizes basic respect for the individual child. Young children are striving for understanding, independence, and self-control. Children learn by exploring, experimenting, and testing the limits of their environment and experiencing the consequences of their behavior. In this way, they begin to understand how the world works, their own limits, and appropriate assertiveness. Children learn self-control and how the world works in a relaxed, positive atmosphere of support and understanding that recognizes the child’s struggle toward independence. Children are accepted as they are — development is viewed as a process of growing, with each age and stage having its own characteristics, its own challenges and needs. Behavioral guidance is viewed by adults as an important aspect of teaching and learning. Through positive guidance of behavior and modeling, staff members help children to feel good about themselves and to behave in responsible ways.