Admissions Policy

At Pippen Park Nursery we accept children between the ages of 3 months and four years. Children will be accepted throughout the year and are offered full and part-time care.

Other matters taken into account in deciding which child can be offered a place in the nursery are:

  • Availability of places, taking into account the staff/child ratios, the age of the child and the registration requirements
  • Children who have siblings who are already with us
  • Extra weight being given to those who have been on the waiting list the longest
  • A child requiring a full-time place may have preference over one requiring a part-time place. This is dependent upon work commitments, occupancy and room availability
  • Extenuating circumstances affecting the child’s welfare or the welfare of his/her family.

We will operate an inclusion and equality policy and ensure that all children have access to nursery places and services irrespective of their gender, race, disability, or religion.

The nursery reserves the right to refuse entry or placement if we believe that this will be detrimental to the care and well-being of any child, or children in our care.

The nursery complies with The 2017 Dubai Inclusive Education Framework, Federal Law (2006), Law No. 2 (2014), and with international best practice such as IDEA guidelines and No-Child Left Behind regulations.  These ensure we follow best practices of SEND admissions and identification, and maintain learning in the least restrictive environment in order for our children to be successful.

Prior to a child attending nursery, parents must complete and sign an admission form. These forms provide the nursery with personal details relating to the child. For example, name, date of birth, address, emergency contact details, parental responsibilities, dietary requirements, collection arrangements, fees and sessions, contact details for parents, doctor’s contact details, health visitor contact details, allergies, parental consent and vaccinations , etc. All information to the nursery will be considered as private and confidential.

The admission procedure for children with exceptional needs and disabilities includes completing all required admission forms and providing any external evaluations conducted. A developmental screening will then be scheduled.

Depending on whether the case has prior indication of SEND, the case may be referred to the nursery director to review the documentation and assist with the intake and assessment, and provide recommendations for placement.

If necessary, the nursery will have a waiting list for admissions, with priority given to siblings of current pupils. All other pupil applications will be considered, depending upon the date of application, with the administration. A 10% discount of the total fee will be applicable to families with two or more children enrolled at Pippen Park Nursery within the same academic year.

All new and prospective pupils are required to undergo an initial interview with the manager. Based on the results, taking into consideration the interview with parents and children, the nursery will then decide with respect to admission.

Admission Documents

The following documents should also be submitted as a requirement of Ministry of Education:

  • 2 copies of the child’s birth certificates.
  • 2 copies of the child’s passport plus valid residency visa.
  • 1 copy of child sponsor passport plus valid residency visa.
  • 6 recent passport photographs (on photographic paper).
  • 2 copies of the UAE ID for both student and parents.
  • Updated Marsoom is required in case they do not have UAE ID (for Emarati students only).
  • Full details of all vaccinations and immunizations for the child.
  • Parent – school contract for each and every child should be signed by the parent before starting the nursery.

Admissions – Children of Determination (aka ‘SEND’)

A pupil may be offered a place at Pippen Park Nursery. The following must be provided:

  • Further documentation about the child’s previous nursery (if any); or information regarding his/her behavior within the home environment
  • Evidence of application for residency or your residency status.
  • Updated vision and hearing tests from the child’s Pediatrician.
  • An Educational Psychologist’s/medical report in support of identifying the child’s learning needs.
  • A review period may be set at which point the child’s progress will be reviewed to establish if Pippen Park Nursery is the most suitable nursery to meet the child’s particular needs.
  • As with all children, if the criteria are not satisfied, PPN retains the right to withdraw the place and ask the parents to seek alternative arrangements in the best interest of the child. Pippen Park will assist as far as possible to find a suitable alternative.